A York Tale...

Once upon a time a girl named Stacie and her Boyfriend decided to pay visit to the historical cobbled streets of the City of York. York was a fine City with much to behold however Stacie's lungs were being total utter poo-bags from the moment they left the lovely land of Norwich and continue to torment her still. This did not stop the pair from having a most joyous time though and Stacie also discovered on her journey that she is pretty sure she's invented Car Narcolepsy.... The End. 

Okay so not really "The End" but that is basically my York Tale in a very basic non informative way :-D. We did go to the lovely city of York though, honestly it really is a beautiful city with history just seeming to ooze from everywhere I felt quite at home there, it felt very much like Norwich to me and feel very much at home here, well obviously as I basically live here half of my time. The journey up there was much longer than I had expected I guessed it would take about 2 hours but nope it was around 4 hours so boy was I wrong. Pre-warning to anyone who ever has to do a road trip with me, I cannot stay awake in cars! Like at all. I've been saying it for days but I'm pretty sure I have some from of Car Narcolepsy if that's even a thing (which it totally is I reckon), no matter what I do I just cannot keep my eyes open in a moving car, mid conversations I'll just be nodding off with my eyes slowly closing and my head doing the whole head bob thing. It's a problem, well not for me just for the person unfortunate enough to be in the car with me :-/ 

I think we really did manage to pack quite a lot in, in the short time we were there. First off we went to the the York Minster, I now know that Minster just basically means Cathedral. I love going round places like that, I'm not religious as most of you know but religion is part of our history and is something that is still interesting to me. During my degree I never got on with the architectural history of things but I can appreciate the beauty and skill it must have taken to build and make a building like that, it truly was amazing to be inside of it. We decided to light a few candles whilst we were there as well, it's not something I've ever done before as I'm never quite sure what lighting a candle is meant to "do" but it seemed like a lovely gesture that would be of some meaning especially in that venue. So I lit a few for lost friends and my donor and it felt special for them.

We then made our way to "Betty's Tearooms," everyone and their dog told me to go to Betty's and you know, who am I to say no to a afternoon tea?! I enjoyed it in there and it was lovely, one waitress kind of ruined the experience for me as she just seemed quite rude and I understand she may have been having a bad day or something but it just kind of put my back up from first interaction I'm sure any other day and she would have been lovely. The tea was lovely though and the sandwiches were actually sandwiches that I could eat, non of this flouncey crap added to it! and obviously my scone was super yummy. It's always hit and miss when it comes to the desserts on afternoon teas but I got kind of 2 out of 3 the chocolate truffle thing was amazing, but their Macaroon was odd it wasn't bad but it was Apple and caramel both of which I couldn't taste at all but it was still OK. Then there was a tart that was just eww but that's because I really don't do pastry so no-ones fault there. 

We stayed in a lovely hotel called the Hotel Indigo so if you're ever there I would completely recommend it, it was really close to everything and made life really easy especially with the wheelchair. Our next day was just as busy, we went to the Train museum which I know doesn't exactly scream excitement or anything but I find that the kind of stuff really interesting and they had some of the Royal trains there!!! They were really cool to see and is it not just really cool to see how we as people have evolved over time in regards to the way we travel?! How at some point in time going a meer 70mph on a train was seen as some kind of death defying stunt and now we're annoyed if it's not hitting it's target of like 190mph. We did some walking around gardens and the river and stopped for lunch as well, it was lovely to just sort of meander and we went down the Shambles as well, certainly can't say that was the best street for a wheelchair LOL. Our evening was dedicated Ricky Gervais, I didn't really know what to expect when seeing him as I don't really have a opinion on him but he was funny, there were a few moments were I was a bit like "Oh that's probably not OK..." but I think with any comedian you go to see you'll get that so sometimes you just have to expect you'll hear some jokes that push the line.

On our last day we just sort of took it easy until we had to check out of the hotel, or I say "we" took it easy, I took it easy whilst Mark ran around crazily packing and making sure we had everything. Honestly I understand why disabled people just don't make the effort to go places sometimes because it really is such hard work for whoever is looking after that person and Mark does so, so much. The plan though was kind of on our way home we would visit a few of the outlying villages of York. The weather was not great but still okay enough that we could enjoy it and my "Car Narcolepsy" seemed to be kept at bay :-D 

As lovely as our trip was, it was tinged by my lungs being utterly awful to me. It's hard to figure out sometimes because it could just be a muscle, it could just be phlegm sticking in there, it could be pleurisy or just a mixture of all of them or you know it could be something altogether different that I have yet to experience and have a name to put to. Whatever the case I was dosed up and still am, I'm paying for the days away at the moment and I wouldn't have it any other way but I do wish my body could just be nice to me sometimes. Why do I have to "pay?" Why does me and my body have to physically pay for a nice few days away with my boyfriend? And not just me really because he in extension pays too because he then has to look after me more not just physically but mentally as well because I start to get down about the fact I'm paying for having a nice time and why can't my body just do as it's told? Charge me £20, £50, £100 I'd pay that! I would just budget it in. Annoying as it is it's the way it goes and just part of my life now, I just need to grumble about it every now and then. At least I got to go away and have a lovely time with my wonderful human and make more lovely memories with him :-)

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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  1. Yes, it takes a lot of courage & extra efforts to plan a vacation for a disabled person but if you have a true friend along with you then it becomes little bit easier. That's an inspirational blog for the people who can anyhow offer their support to the people who really need it to enjoy the life in a normal way. Wish you both a bright future.


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