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Disclaimer:- I do plan on writing a blog about the whole health situation and the result that I got in the end, I promise, but firstly it has been a lot to process and I also have an appointment on Wednesday where we plan on having a massive talk, to talk through what happens now and what I do going forward so I promise there will be an explantation as to all the goings on with me health wise and all that jazzy stuff just when I actually have ALL the information too. 

Firstly though let's tell what I've been getting up to, to keep myself occupied and busy and I'm so sorry it's been so long since my last blogpost but I haven't been stagnant or just lying on my death bed I have actually been doing things. After York I really didn't get much better my ribs have taken an absolute age to heal and the problem is I have to keep coughing otherwise I don't get any gunk up and then I get worse so it's a bit of a fight to keep the balance right so for a good month they were in pain and have only just started to feel a little better this week but that did not stop me from enjoying myself. Mark and I threw a March Christmas (!) for us and 6 of our friends. The idea was that I love Christmas especially the prep bit for it and ultimately no matter what Papworth's answer was going to be, whether a yes or a no, we definitely know I'm not getting 60-70 years worth of Christmases into my life so why not hold a Christmas and get to spend it with people who you don't normally get to spend it with?! So we asked our guests to just bring a £1 gift each and that was it, and themselves obviously, and we would do the rest. I was basically chief present organiser LOL, I was told by Mark to just do £1 gifts but I couldn't I gave myself a £5 limit and brought 8 gifts all kind of unisex gifts that anyone might want. Mark added what I would call "duff" gifts like a bottle of non alcoholic beer, unwanted shower gels, you get the gist... anyway so the game was basically a pick and steal kind of game and it was really fun and I think people enjoyed themselves even if the presents weren't exactly premium gifts I think that's what made it a little more fun! I also provided a kind of Christmas party box for everyone that had a few bits in that are classic Christmas;- so socks, chocolate coins  and such and then they could also fill the box up as the afternoon went on. I also put together a "table present" which is a family tradition in my house, after dinner we always get a little present which either has Jewellery, perfume or scratch cards in, so I did my own cheaper version of that. I put glowy, ravey rings and bracelets in there a tester perfume and a £1 scratch card. I think the little boxes were a hit. 

The day as a whole was so lovely! I know it seems silly but it's little things like that, that make me happy, it doesn't have to be some expensive holiday or fancy meal somewhere just a bunch of friends together having lunch was lovely. It wouldn't even have to be Christmas we just wanted to have a Christmas and that didn't even cost very much to do at all. I mean obviously it's not something you're going to be doing everyday but if you can I think it's so totally worth it! 

After Christmas I probably did overdo it a bit so I have had to do a fair bit of resting but it's all good really, I've been really getting into my colouring and I know it seems completely sad and lame for me to be excited about colouring but really guys it is just so relaxing. I haven't been having a bad time with my anxiety but sometimes it lingers there in the background, people who suffer with it will know what I mean, but when I colour it's a focus on something else and takes my mind off of it. I really want to get back into reading but since transplant my concentration levels when reading are just not there at all, I think it's the prednisilone, so I may have to work my up with that one. 

The next big activity was HARRY POTTER STUDIOS!!! Now long time devoted readers will know how much I LOVE Harry Potter the franchise and how ingrained into my life it is and will also know I have actually been 4 times previously. It has however been a few years since I've been and they've added a few new bits to it since the last time I was there and I've been wanting to go see them especially as they had literally just opened the forbidden forest exhibition bit and I was desperate to see the train as well. This time my lovely bestie Bernice and her Husband Scott came along and just omg we had so much fun. I didn't get on a broom this time but then I already have a tonne of photos of me on a broom so there's no need for any more really and Bernice wanted a train picture instead buuuutttt we did manage to persuade the boys who have never been on brooms to go on them and I can honestly say it was the funniest thing I have witnessed in my life. For two men who were adamant they weren't getting on them, they got pretty into it! We were proud of them! 

Right so the reason it's quite a big thing for Mark to have gone to this with me is because he's NEVER read a book of Harry Potter and had never seen one movie either until I forced him to a few days before to watch the first one. Don't worry though guys I think he enjoyed it as much as someone who hasn't grown up with a franchise can I guess, there's a lot that he's able to appreciate in how it's made and all that type of stuff so it wasn't completely wasted on him and I am making him watch all the movies, it just may take some time, we will get there though!!! 

So those were a few of the things I've been getting up to for the past few weeks, we did actually attend a ball as well which was just lovely even though finding dresses has become very hard work because I can't try anything on, so annoying!!! We've been having fun though Marks VW camper van is out of hibernation and he managed to get her going which has been lovely because it has meant we've, managed to get out to the coast and we'll be able to do that more as the weather gets nicer as well. 

Obviously this blog is a little bit vaguer than I ideally would like but I don't want to go posting a blogpost with half the information if that makes sense so I'm sharing the nice stuff and then once I have all the details with absolutely everything like plans, moving forward, treatment, travelling all that type of stuff I can give a much clearer view of everything so you can understand it better yourselves because I know when I shared the information last Thursday a lot of people were quite shocked and probably weren't quite sure how it had gotten to that point. So if I can give as much information as I am able to give then you guys can process it in a much better way. So I promise to blog Wednesdays appointment and I'm going to warn you now it's not likely to be pleasant and very blunt so positivity may be lacking in it as it will be very much just "this is the situation, this is what's happening" 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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