Stacie On the Road: Bonjour Paris...

I know it's been a while but I just have been not busy but just too preoccupied with other things really to get in the mood to write a blog. I'm really into colouring at the moment I literally just spend hours colouring and I am literally ONE dragon picture away from finishing an entire colouring book. Lame that I have enough time to do that or just extremely determined, you decide LOL. 

Anywho enough of my colouring antics, after my rather important clinic appointment that you heard about in my last blogpost Mark and I now that we knew we could just go abroad should we want to basically said "where do we want to go?"and I logically thought hey Paris is on my list, likely to be the easiest trip to try to do for an initial disabled abroad trip so off we went. Now I make it sound like we just popped on a train and left, that is entirely NOT the case, Mark being the planner/organiser of the two of us did so much preplanning to make sure it was okay to go. We had to think about the fact we didn't have a car so Mark would be carrying all our luggage and pushing me in a wheelchair as well. So we had to really think about what we were packing because not only would we have to pack clothes and all the normal stuff everyone has to pack but also; my oxygen, my nebuliser machine, my mountain of medication, marks mountain of medication. It was a lot. Then we had to think about the location of hotel and obviously the more centrally located the more expensive things become but luckily Mark is great when it comes to hotels and we had a lovely hotel really close to the Louvre. 

I do realise I am meant to be telling you what an amazing time I had and I will but I also want you to realise what the realities of traveling with and as a disabled person is like as well because as I have come to realise some people believe that I simply just go and do these things and suddenly become not ill. In addition to the travel issues I suffer from travel anxiety. It's not something that bothers me overly and is something I generally get over once I'm doing it and going but it is horrendous, a few days before this trip I was a shrivelling mess. I've never been on the Eurostar before and I was just very nervous it was new to me and I just wanted everything to go as smoothly and as calmly as it could not just for me but for Mark as well.

Everything did go smoothly though we had a nice close car parking space to the station, we were escorted to the train through security which I was surprised about and awkwardly I had my nebuliser packed away in the depths of one of the bags so when they say "You have a motor in your bag" you have to think for a second and think what the hell that could be and Mark had to make things that much more hilarious and had wrapped it in a scarf that resembled something the Taliban might wrap round their heads, SO awkward LOL. We got through though and got escorted the rest of the way to the train so when it arrived they had their special ramps that helped us on the train and our special spacious disabled spot and I finally felt a sense of calm. We were officially off to Paris and it was exciting.  

Paris and my initial impressions were of how pretty it was I find it less overbearing than London, the buildings much more picturesque and I didn't feel towered upon. I think one of the first things anybody at all, no matter who you are would notice is the driving, absolutely horrendous I thought London was bad but at least they obey the red light law I'm pretty sure about thousand people that I was pushed passed could have died between walking between buildings they seemed a little bit more sensible towards people in a wheelchair though which felt oddly kind lol. 

Initial impressions of our hotel were really great! Mark seemed to "feel at one" with the hotel because as we walked in his favourite artist was playing over the sound thing and basically the decor was a dream for him, it was really lovely and the staff were super friendly as well. The place was meant to feel like a home from home and it really did feel that way to us. We knew going to Paris for just a few days we were never going to fit in everything we wanted to see so we just took it as it came and did what we could. There was a lot of walking, we saw the Louvre and all that kind of surrounding area, we saw the Eiffel tower. We went to the Moulin Rouge and honestly if you get the chance I totally recommend you go and see it, it was really amazing! There were A LOT of boobs going on and the thing that amazed me the most was that they didn't move, like at all and they were mainly real!!! :-O Someone needs to teach me how to make my boobs immovable! The Moulin Rouge maybe need to work on their accessibility, they said they were accessibility friendly which admittedly they partially were to a point but then we came out 2 flights of stairs from where we started and there were still another flight to go down, so along come burly security men who's job also requires them to carry me in my wheelchair down these steps LOL. It was an amazing venue though and something I can only let you imagine as pictures were not allowed. 

I enjoyed being there so much we managed to go to the Pompidou museum and we sat in Parisian cafes and went to the Notre Dam and road on a bus. We went on a lovely river boat cruise, although I did have to deal with a incredibly rude french man at this point but all a part of the experience hey? We went up and down the Seine after a lovely lunch. I don't feel like I missed out on any experience whilst we were there even though I was in a wheelchair, it was such a lovely few days. I won't lie and say it was all hunky dory the entire time because we were both extremely tired by the end of it, Mark walked over 18miles in 2 days pushing me not just by himself! Yes that was our choice and that's the point at the end of the day we took the decision and decided that us being tired and a little tetchy was worth the trip and I really think it was, Paris was lovely!    

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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