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We went away again! We went back to France to a little Town called Saint Malo, I knew very little about it all I knew was that it looked pretty and not very touristy so a perfect place to go and relax rather than have Mark pushing me all over the shop sightseeing, this was also our "test" to see how I would do on a Ferry. As we've previously discussed I don't do great when travelling and especially travelling I'm unfamiliar with and a Ferry is something I had never done before. So to combat this problem we booked a 'quick' Ferry on the way there but that would require a 2hour and 30min drive when we got there, we were taking the car so that worked out well and by doing a quick ferry first we would ultimately know for on the way home whether I could deal with a long journey ferry or not. 

Our trip didn't start off on the finest form things just seemed to go wrong. Our first hotel we were staying in, in Portsmouth, had been booked for the following day not the day we were actually staying and some sort of event was going on which therefore meant there was no room at the inn but the lovely women managed to get us a room in there adjoining hotel down the road, which perhaps turned out better for us anyway as it was a much quieter venue. During the night I was probably the worst person ever to be in a bed next too, my drugs have made me a mental person when I sleep and therefore I for some reason had a terrible night and was really loud which ultimately meant Mark had a awful night sleep too. Not fun especially when you have to travel the next day. 

The Ferry is now officially my preferred way of foreign travel. It was a lovely way to travel, no stress for me at all. There is a bit of arranging to do you do have to pre ring and let them know about your disability and machinery you may be carrying, whether you're in a wheelchair, oxygen and whether that is with you. They are very good with you though and they have a particular place on the boat for you to park so its as easy as possible to get to and from. The 3 hour journey there was honestly no problem at all I felt like I was merely in a big car or coach or something because the movement was barely noticeable to me and in fact sent me to sleep like it would in a car. So the Ferry gets a massive thumbs up from me and for anyone who wants a relaxing way to travel to the outer edges of Europe :-). 

Saint Malo was such a lovely place to be, our hotel was really quite awesome we had the most beautiful view of the sea through 3 separate windows with their shutters which is a French thing I have always loved! So whichever window you looked out of you had beautiful view but different from each angle. We just got to listen to the sea and because it obviously wasn't their height of season it was uninterrupted gushing of waves and it was just exactly what we wanted. We did also venture into the town where we got to see all their historic buildings and see the Port. The town I would say is accessible to a degree, it has cobbled streets so that's just whether the disabled person can cope with the jittery-ness of cobbled streets and whether your wheelchair pusher also has the ability to push on cobbled streets, luckily I was fine and Mark I don't know how he does it but he combats those streets well! It took us a day to find out how to get onto their famous city walls, there is actually a ramp slope thing up to it and as long as you go the right way around it most of it is accessible there was even a little crepérie up there that we stopped in and obviously had a crepe LOL!

We had a really lovely time there, I did have one day where I was ill which isn't unexpected it would have been a miracle if I had got through the holiday without a ill day. I didn't care though because what a lovely place to be ill in we didn't have to be anywhere, there were no plans other than to relax so that's what we did and it was lovely! 

Coming home we had a long haul Ferry of 9 hours, this was another test, we booked a cabin which ended up being far better than I expected. The room kind of reminded me of a hospital room so I think that's why I felt so comfortable in it, it had a bunk bed and I didn't even feel claustrophobic in it. Even though we were travelling through the day we wanted a cabin because I still had nebulisers to do and other drugs that just aren't really appropriate to do around other people, and 9 hours is a long time so it was good to have like a "base" which we could return to a rest and have a nap if I started to feel ill or whatever. It was totally worth the little extra cost. 

I actually came back from the holiday without feeling totally wiped out and that was a great experience to have had and even though the first hotel situation stressed us out a little for me it was the least stressful I have been whilst we have been doing our trips :-) 

Now to pick the next adventure... where next? Who knows...

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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