Hello my lovely people. We have no Stacie on the Road for you at the moment but we are working very hard on that particular part of my life but for the moment I am kind of in stay well mode. Unfortunately it would seem that my phlegm has decided to make some changes which suggest infection which has meant I'm back on my old Azithromycin drug which I despise beyond words. I had secretly hoped my body would do some sort of miracle memory thing and remember that it's had this drug before and therefore doesn't need to react so awfully initially but noooooo it seems so much worse. In reality it's probably the same just because I've had a nice break from it, it seems much worse, so I'm back to my mornings of curling up into a ball trying not to throw up or perform "other" bodily functions that the drugs seems determined to do. It's a whole to do and it's probably equally as horrid for the people around me because there is absolutely nothing that any of them can do except watch me go through it until it passes which must be terrible, I know I would certainly hate it. We have a mini plan though, Azithromycin everyday till Monday, take samples of the phlegm until then, ring Papworth Monday and see where we are and probably go in earlier than planned which is A-Okay with me because I'm feeling pretty not terrible per se but I certainly don't feel well or right in myself and nowadays we have to be even more careful because we have no wiggle room really in regards to damage on my lungs.
I find it hard to write my blog these days I don't know why. I never want to appear down to you and I don't want to scare transplant patients that may possibly find themselves in the same position as me someday because I know a lot that definitely will and potentially will, but then again I don't want you guys thinking that being told you're going to die is all hunky dory going here there and wherever else because it is definitely not. So it's sometimes just easier for me not to write anything if that makes sense. I think about death a lot nowadays and I don't really ever know how to put those thoughts down into writing because it's not like my old contemplating where it 'may' happen but I still have the very real potential to live. When I contemplate death now it's questioning what is actually going to happen for real it's really quite difficult to get your head around and there IS a difference between the two I didn't think there would be but there is. I feel a lot of guilt towards my boyfriend and my parents like I've never felt before because I can see the affect it's having on them as well and they are actually getting physically ill from looking after me! My mum has her stress induced blood poisoning back which affects her bones and joints and her lungs and eyesight and my boyfriend is doing a 93 mile walk to try and raise money for a wheelchair for me that is exhausting him when he already has a condition that limits the amount of energy he has on a normal every day basis. I feel like I'm actually killing the people around me and yet they continue to care and look after me! What can I do? Its a hulla ballo and I just don't know how to express it all sometimes.
I know I wanted to express my excitement about my newly installed chairs though! I have had 3 chairs delivered to my house which are to help me and more specifically my perching chair for the bathroom sink is my favourite so far. Strangely I find brushing my teeth really difficult standing there and doing that job is one of the ones I dread in the morning and the end of the day, so, so much and just having this chair helps me so much because I can just chill out on the chair without worrying about having to stand for at least two minutes doing this never ending laborious job. We're still working with the shower chair and trying to figure out the best way to deal with it and the whole shower situation but the fact we can pleases me immensely. The most recent addition is a bath seat lift and I'm so excited to use that for the first time and see if it helps because it's the lifting myself out of the bath that I find hard so we will have to wait and see :-D
I've been missing normal things lately, stupid things like getting changed properly by myself, making a bed, hoovering, other things that I could just do and not think about it if that makes sense? Like Megan has been having to help me with my scrap book which has been fun but it's sad I can't do it by myself, I want a proper not anxious filled bath! Looking around a shop without going where someone else wants to go, just those type of things. It's all silly really but I definitely think even with all of this I'm making the very most out of everything and everything still seems fun and life still feels so worthwhile especially now me and Mark are attempting to raise money for a "off road" wheelchair, it's all been rather exciting, it means me and Mark can make the most of our trips and actually not be stifled by a different terrains and even plan a forestry trip or beachey trip or just not have to think about a cobbled street. The most exciting part though is that once I've made use of it and hopefully made the most of my life it will get passed on into the transplant community for them to use and hopefully help people like me make the most of their time as well and that makes me so excited that I'll have some sort of something to leave :-)   

I'll try not leave the chatty blogs so long next time but I imagine they'll be several soon whilst all this fundraising is going on :-)

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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