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Although I have been ill my entire life I've never considered myself "disabled" in ALL of that time, I've been very ill, yes, but not disabled. I never knew what people who had to use wheelchairs had to go through just in an everyday life kind of situation; getting out of the house for instance that can be a hassle in itself I certainly can't do it by myself. It wasn't until we started to do more after being told I couldn't have the transplant anymore that I realised how truly limited people with access needs can be.

Before I got ill again Mark and I used to go on a lot of kind of country, lake walks or we'd drive to the coast and do a really nice beach walk and we were really starting to get into them especially with the transplant games coming up. The walks slowed down the more ill I got and eventually just became something I couldn't do anymore. We focused heavily on getting me better a wheelchair became a necessity for just getting around on a normal everyday basis so we brought a nice one, light, easy to get in the car, really comfy and easy for Mark to push. We thought we chose well and we definitely did for everyday use, for shopping going to friends houses, going to the pub those types of things.

I became more stable and we became a bit more confident in getting out and about and going further a field this is when we realised that as great as my wheelchair is it just isn't adequate enough for the things we want to do. If we want to do forestry walks, visit old towns with cobbled streets actually go on a beach. Mark met someone with a "off road" wheelchair and he thought how cool that would be if we could get one as that would help make unpredictable trips so much easier as we wouldn't have to worry about rough terrain and if we wanted to do a cute country holiday, we could! We would be able to do so much more without the worry of getting around and really enjoy things we were able to do before.

We found a company that made these wheelchairs and they very kindly let me try one out and me and Mark fell in love with it, I could barely feel any bumps under me and we were going over gravelly, muddy, stoney terrain and Mark said how it was so much easy to push because of technical things like suspension and stuff. It was so much fun and I didn't feel like I got jiggled around and I wasn't exhausted by the end of the ride. So now we're trying to raise enough money so that we can buy one and carry on our adventures, it's very exciting.

If we can do it, it means once I've "used" it Mark can kind of donate it back to the transplant community and let whoever needs it have a go with it if they need it for a holiday or they're doing forest walks and stuff, it's something I can give back to the community when I'm gone and that really makes me happy. It scares me a bit though, I've never raised money for anything and I hate having to ask for help especially when it is money related I don't like people to feel obliged give money but at the same I'd love it if they could. I guess what I feel like is a teenager who has thrown a party and invited all these people and I'm super worried no-one will actually turn up and I'll look like a lemon. I'm not sure what that says about me but I like to avoid humiliation where I can.

I wish things like these weren't so expensive and just readily available for those who would like to explore and do more, I think being able to get out and about more especially when you're in a very undesirable situation helps those people so much. Just to be able to experience something a bit different one day feel like you've done something a bit normal without being utterly restricted can do so much good for someone mentally. I know if I get out I always feel a bit better, it won't cure me of course but just the feeling is worth it and if we can make that easier for us then we have to try :-)

If you want to check it all out and see what we're doing and what it's all about head to Marks website called "For My Donor" where you can get sponsorship forms and have a read about his past experiences and past projects or you can head straight to our Crowdfunding page aptly named "Life is Worth the Fight" and have a look, spread the word or donate as little or as much as you like :-)

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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