Pain. How good are you at dealing with pain? I'll leave it to you to decide what I mean by pain, for me when I say pain I mean that of the physical kind. If you're a long time reader of mine or you just know me you will remember that one of my significant worries pre transplant was what kind of pain I was going to have to go through when everything was done. Having been a chronic pain sufferer I knew exactly what pain felt like and I certainly knew there was a limit and only so much pain a person could take, so the idea of waking up from all that and being in more pain than I had already been experiencing scared me a hell of a lot. However I woke up and it was all gone if you remember? I simply had no pain anymore it was just gone and it had nothing to do with pain meds as I had them stopped I simply hit the pain removal jackpot and it felt amazing! As a rule when I had Pulmonary Hypertension I made sure I had as little pain medication as I could suffer with, this wasn't me being some sort of a masochist this was me making sure my body wasn't too used to having a drug and needing more and more to satisfy it's need, I was going to need as much as I could post transplant and I was going to need it to be affective, obviously in the end that plan was a bit in vein but at least had I actually been in severe pain my preparation would have set me in good stead for after. 

Chronic Rejection has been a whole different kind of ball game for me. It has so far been very painful. I don't remember not being in pain since maybe July of last year. I'm stubborn though in the beginning I stuck it out with just paracetamol, saying this paracetamol was more affective on me than the average person because I was just so used to not taking anything for pain but when the pleurisy started and I was crying from the actual agony I was in, even I know that's probably the time when you say "Maybe I should be on something a little stronger..." Now I had never actually taken Codeine before so when they gave these two little pills, which look like they could barely help my cat, I wasn't expecting too much but boy did they wipe me out. I was sat in the consultation room at my clinic appointment with my doctor, parents and boyfriend and to this day I still could not tell you what was said or discussed in that room I was so doped up. Sadly Codeine doesn't still have that same affect on me but it still does it's job nicely and makes me nice and sleepy. Ideally for me I would have loved for it to have been there that my need for pain medication stopped but unfortunately it hasn't been, pain seems to be an ever increasing part of this condition and one you simply have to adjust to.  

Now I am also on Oramorph a form of morphine. I've always had bad associations with morphine and I'm unsure as to why but I've just never wanted to be on it for some reason I very much associate it with death and I suppose that scares me in a way or maybe I'm just scared I'm going to accidentally overdose myself, it's not like I haven't before haha! (Hands up, who remembers the Epoprostenal incident?) I'm on it though and it is the most affective thing for my pain at the moment although I still insist on trying to restrict the amount that I use it. The pain is something you race against and one I've learnt I need stay ahead of especially if I want to live a semi normal life where I continue to get out and about. There have been mornings where I have woken up and thought "Oh... Actually I don't feel too bad this morning, dare I say my chest actually feels alright?" I then end up leaving the pain meds thinking I might be able to get away with it when ultimately the inevitable arrives... the searing pain. I should have just taken the drugs! Now it's a game of catch up you spend the rest of the day in some form of pain because you were stupid enough to believe that your body might actually like you for once and provide you with some relief. The Body lies people... even your own!

I can deal with pain, I've been through a lot of pain I spent the majority of the past 6/7 years in chronic pain my little jaunt into wellness for those 9-12 months was just a break and I'm not sure it wasn't a bad thing for my pain tolerance if I'm honest. I was definitely a baby when it came to experiencing some forms of pain initially post transplant, my first "time of the month" post transplant was actually horrendous (something I've never had any issues with) it felt like I was being gutted! Me being a woman who referred to women who complained about that type of thing as being whimps or baby's because I just never experienced any pain with it they clearly wanted attention or were making a bigger issue of it than what it really was, well apparently the severe pain I had been in for years was providing the perfect cover for that pain. Now I was no longer in that pain it gave way for me to experience new pains or pains I should have been feeling long ago. So mass apologies to my fellow womankind for having thought you were all exaggerating a little all this time. 

I feel like I'm coping well enough with this pain so far and as long as I can keep on top of it I believe I can continue to cope for as long as I need to, I do however worry if it gets worse. I don't want to be one of those people who is just "out" of it all the time I still want to be "with" it, to be able to engage with people and do things, the only point I imagine I will be completely out of it will be when I'm in a hospital bed or at least I really hope that's the point lol. 

The past two weeks have been horrible when it comes to pain but it does finally seem and feel like we may have caught up with it I don't feel like we're chasing it so much now we're taking a nice stroll with it where I occasionally have to reign it in.

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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