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Good Morrow my lovely humans. Stacie was on the road again! I went to Snowdonia, a place in the North West of Wales which is about and 6-7 hour drive from Norwich. Going to Snowdonia I had very little knowledge about what to expect other than the fact it was the home of Mount Snowdon, it was in Wales, housed a lot of sheep and was just a very green and countryside rich place in which I expected to feel like we had left the world for a bit. I was not disappointed. 

I was surprised how the drive didn't seem that long to me, maybe because me and Mark are used to doing long drives to and from each others homes adding a few extra hours to a drive isn't so bad? Maybe? Who knows. Mark is probably reading this thinking "What is she talking about? It was the longest drive in history..." haha. Initial impressions driving into Snowdonia were just that of awe, it was just so beautiful the scenery was incredible and I could only think about how I wish I were able to walk over the mountains and hills I was looking at, to stroll along the edge of the rivers and lakes that were running next to us but at least I was going to get to experience it all just a little differently. 

We arrived at our residence for the week. We were staying at a old Listed Manor type building which were through Wren Holiday Cottages it is currently in the process of being "done up" so is very much a work in process but the beauty of it still shines through and you can imagine how even more amazing the building will be once it's complete. We got to stay in one of their little outdoor cottages which was lovely, self catering with a living room, kitchen bedroom and bathroom all very accessible friendly which I was surprised about considering the age of the building just a little step to get in and one between the kitchen and living room but easy to navigate for me as I walk around inside, albeit extremely slowly. It also led to an atrium which was a communal area between us and 2 other potential residents where there was a loungey area with big table which I think would be great if you were travelling with family you'd have your own separate "houses" and then you could spend time together in the middle LOL. 

This holiday for us was first and foremost a relaxing holiday for us we were not going there with the intentions of being busy from dawn until dusk exploring and knackering ourselves out until we collapsed. It was more of a 'we'll get there and then see what we want to do whilst we're there' kind of deal and I really feel like that worked for us so well. One day we went to their Slate Museum which surprisingly interesting although definitely more aimed at kids I think as I still left with quite a few questions that I felt hadn't been answered on the way round. It was really interesting to be sort of transported back to that era and see what it was like back then. I come from a Railway town so some of it was slightly reminiscent of what you see around Swindon sometimes we just clearly don't take advantage of our heritage like they manage to. Whilst we were there we had a little trip on a old train that just takes you on a little 20 minute trip around the museum and it's just worth it to have a little look around. Once again pretty disabled friendly and accessible friendly they had a special coach for wheelchairs and everyone was really accommodating. The surrounding area was slightly cobbled so that could be an issue for some wheelchair users but it's certainly great physio for me, haha. With my new wheelchair those cobbles would have been nothing at all. 

We stopped at various different pubs and restaurants on different days, my main mission to eat as much lamb as possible, I think I did well LOL but we also had nights in where we (Mark) cooked and we were on a mission to work our way through the Band of Brothers boxset while we were there. Mission successful by the way LOL. We had one day where we were happily forced to stay in and enjoy the torrential rain all day and I loved it!!! We went up Mount Snowdon, on a train not actually by foot. That actually took more preplanning than everything else we did because you had to pre-book the train tickets especially being in a wheelchair as there was only one carriage dedicated to wheelchair users and we were there on a bank holiday as well. Lots of people were turning up expecting to be able to go on the train and it was fully booked for the entire week so smart move to just be a bit prepared for that one if you ever plan on doing it, which I totally recommend especially if you aren't scared of heights, it really is a experience I recommend. 

We also went to a little village called Port Meirion and omg i loved it, it was so cute! Not really the most accessible friendly place just because of the steepness of hills but if you can persevere it's worth it I think. Such an interesting little place to visit so just out of place while being utterly in place at the same time.

Snowdonia was just such a great holiday that I'm so happy we've done because it was so needed. You could be in the middle of nowhere if you chose and just get away from everything which you felt like you were most of the time. You get to see some of the worlds most beautiful views just driving through it whilst also avoiding the sleeping lambs and sheep on the side of the roads which I was by the end planning on kidnapping they were that cute! It is definitely somewhere I would go back to and would like to go back and visit because I feel like we only just scratched the surface with it.

We are in the planning stages of our next getaway, we're not quite sure just yet though where exactly we want to go but hopefully on the next one we will have my new wheelchair which arrived today, so we have to get testing! 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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