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After our amazing experience at "The Fat Duck" it was time to do our first "driving road trip" abroad to the most lovely Holland. Up until now we had flown, trained, Euro tunnelled [minus car] and Ferried to Europe, we had decided for Holland we were going to take the car and drive and this meant taking the car via the Euro tunnel something we had yet to experience so were unsure how easy or smooth it would be and then once in France we were to drive all the way to Holland. This has to be our favourite way of travelling so far! So simple and easy and it meant no faffing around for me or getting in and out of cars and certainly no heavy lifting or transitioning for Mark to do. You simply check in, get your letter, wait for your call, go in line and drive on the train. Simple as that. 

The drive to get to Holland was okay it was 3-4 hours long which is something we're used to as we do the drive from Norwich to Swindon so regularly. Although saying that all i have to do is sit there and I get to sleep I'm not actually doing any kind of driving LOL, poor Mark. We made though and our abode for our time in Rotterdam was the lovely SS Rotterdam. Yep that's right we were staying on a ship! It was really lovely and I didn't feel cramped like I thought I might having experienced a Ferry I thought it might be similar but it wasn't. We weren't that lucky with the weather when we arrived, it was bitterly cold and quite wet but that was not going to stop us. 

Rotterdam is probably the first place I've experienced that is very wheelchair accessible, it is drop curb galore there and the pavements and roads are simply amazing for wheelchairs. This is likely because it as a city is so new they've been able to think about that in the new building works as they've gone but it really did impress me. Me and Mark really had no plan for Rotterdam really other than to visit our lovely friend who lives there whilst we were there so it was a wonderful experience to simply wonder and take everything in. What struck me most was their amazing architecture and how unusual and modern it was. I came to learn that the city was basically flattened in the war and they've had to basically rebuild from scratch which has given the freedom to become a hub of architecture. Their building really are something amazing to view. They still have some history in there though as you walk around you capture some parts of what used to be and thought that was lovely. 

I think me and Mark were extremely lucky to be visiting our friend whilst we were there because it meant we got to experience some REAL Dutch-ness! Our friend is in a choir, a quite unique choir by the name of "The full breasted choir" and she had invited us to see her perform whilst we were there. We of course were never going to pass up the chance especially as we have no idea when we would ever get the opportunity again and it was quite simple AMAZING! We got a very Dutch experience that night something a normal tourist would probably never have the opportunity to experience and honestly can't thank our lovely Johanna enough for inviting us along because it was so much fun. We spent the rest of the evening at her home where she had cooked us a lovely dinner and Mark was beside himself as he was in a real Dutch house and for him that's like being a kid in a sweet shop lol.

The day after was our designated Amsterdam day. I was so excited for Amsterdam. We have discovered however that Amsterdam is not the most disabled friendly place on earth and is certainly a place you have to consider very carefully if you're a wheelchair user. Trust me when I say it is not a place that you see many wheelchair users rolling around and for very good reason. We did have a lovely day though we managed a boat ride which the captain of seemed to take offence at having to move a few seats to accommodate my wheelchair and was rather aggressive in his movement of them but I did not let that deter me from enjoying the ride. it was love to see the whole of Amsterdam from the boat, it was all quite picturesque. 

We did experience a couple of blips you could say on the day, firstly was our trip into the red light district. Now I was excited because well I find the idea of the red light district so intriguing! Just all these people going along their merry way just popping for a quick shag here and there or a couple of women just doing their late afternoon dildo buying or a gaggle of young men having a fag and drinking a coffee whilst appreciating the latest naked woman in a particular window. Is that not fascinating to you?! Well I was amazed and wanted to document it and in so doing may have angered a particular prostitute in a window who very clearly did not want her photo taken and therefore came running after myself and Mark and ultimately threw a bottle of water at Marks head :-/ (She missed lol.)

Our next blip was the train on the way back. When getting the train they want you to give them an hours notice and simply me and mark were not in the mood, there was a train on the platform 10 minutes from leaving and we were not going to wait an hour just for someone to pull a ramp out that we could do ourselves. So in all our 'wisdom' we decide to catch said train. Unfortunately the lift to our platform was hidden and it was like trying to find the door to Narnia so we only just managed to make it to platform in time which basically resulted in me jumping out of my chair onto a ram packed train, collapsing unable to stand again as my legs simply would not work and Mark basically throwing a wheelchair on top of people before the train was about to take off. There was a lot of shocked people looking at us in a very odd manner LOL. It all worked out in the end though :D 

The following day Mark and I were meant to head off to Brugge and I was so looking forward to it as I've heard absolutely lovely things about Brugge but when the Morning arrived my Rib/muscles seemed to have other ideas. I had a massive crack occur on my right side and when I say crack I'll try to explain to you. Imagine your knuckles feel like they need a really good crack... well something like that only afterward there is no relief or feeling of "ahhh" it is just pain with every movement I make and every breath I take in so it was decided we were to head home a day early rather than further risk hurting myself any more. It's so frustrating when things have to be cancelled especially when it seems to be for something as stupid as a rib or a muscle. But there you have it we headed home in anticipation for our already planned next adventure which we could get excited for whilst I recovered again :)  

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon

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  1. Holland is one of my favorite places to trip around. This place is perfect for road trips. Your pictures took me back to 2 years when I was there. I could actually feel these photos.


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