We got a cat... kitten (yep there’s a difference) 

Photo credit: Mark Watson
Yep that’s right people! We got a little tiny, itty bitty kitten. His name is Marzuki (Marks choice, inspiration from one of his favourite musicians), he is a half Ragdoll half British Shorthair and was born on the 25th December 2017 so is a mere 9 weeks old! The fact that he is 50/50 from two different pedigree parents doesn’t actually mean he himself is a pedigree he just happens to have them as parents and they made him and his little bros and sisters. Little Marzuki is the runt of his litter and it’s basically like a match made in heaven I think. 

What led to the arrival of Marzuki I hear you ask? Especially when Mark is allergic to animal fur, I’m dying and won’t out live my own cat, we travel, so on and so on... Well let me tell you it hasn’t been a easy or quick decision AT ALL! We’ve been towing and throwing with the idea for a good 6 months at the VERY least. We all know I love cats! They are a part of my soul they make everything better I’m that odd girl that says “who needs children when you can have cats?!” And I get that look of disgust from people who have children who can’t believe I’m even comparing that ‘miracle of life’ that THEY produced, who’s probably some little shit that deserves no dessert, to an animal that in their opinion may as well be trash. I’ve been joking around for absolutely ages and actually probably since I’ve been with Mark that we should get a cat always with the response of not a chance which I’ve always accepted and that’s always been totally fine. Mark is allergic to animal fur not so much so that if he touches one he’ll balloon or his airways will lock just in the way that he uses his inhaler a lot more around animals and if he’s touched them becomes itchy and it just means a immediate wash of clothing occurs when we return home. I’ve never pushed the issue, I do however show mark A LOT of cat videos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter kind of on a constant irritating level. So Mark one day suggested that it might be something we could do... that was until my cat Alfie decided to do a disappearing act on us and was gone for quite some time luckily my father found him (my dad’s uh-mazing at finding our lost cats I don’t know how but he just has a amazing ability to draw them out of hidey holes and calm them enough that they want to come home). Alfie’s disappearing act scared us both but definitely put Mark on the back burner to wanting any pet. I still was constantly looking at cat videos as I do and Mark started looking at the cats that were for sale again. We then came across a few kittens that we just loved Marzuki’s litter being the main contender and the thing with kittens is for some reason they sell really fast so if we were going to have him we had to make a decision pretty tout suite and that’s when we decided on Feb 13th. We were really taken with Marzuki he was so cute from his picture and I’ve never actually had a ginger cat before so I thought why not now and we decided we had to have him. We couldn’t collect him until the following Monday but thankfully that gave us time to get everything that we needed to prepare for his arrival! 

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been in a pet store really, it’s been years since my Alfie and Ollie have been interested in cat toys and all cat food tends to be brought from supermarkets. Mark and I traipsed our way into several different pet stores only to be bombarded by a million varieties of litters and pet foods. We had to consider the pros and cons of grain vs non grain, dry diet or wet diet or both or whether he even liked wet or dry food. We had to buy A LOT of toys because we don’t know what he currently likes so mice, balls, a flamingo, a duck, ball tower, scratch boxes, carpets, simple box, many blankets, a tunnel! We brought a lot. 

Monday arrived and I honestly have never been so nervous and excited at the same time. I’ve never had to be responsible for a little life before I mean I’ve had cats but they’ve always been family pets so all I’ve ever had to provide is the love really. Little Marzuki needs me to give him love, play, food, water, when Mark’s not around I have to deal with his bodily functions, clean his little face when he’s all covered in food and his little feeties when he accidentally steps in his poopies! It’s VERY daunting! 

We’ve had him a week now and he is just the cutest thing he seems to have taken to us really quickly we’re having a few teething problems just with litter training, he knows exactly where the litter tray is but when he first got here literally within minutes he had a little accident in a corner so now he can sometimes be confused as to if he’s allowed to go there or not. So lots of positive reinforcement is happening and he never gets shouted at and is constantly given much love! He’s been to the vets already and he’s doing good, he’s a little underweight but that’s because he was the runt of his litter so me and Mark are very focused on getting the best food for him and making sure he’s eating enough so when he goes back he’ll have put a chunky bit of weight on. We also found that he has ear mites which is really annoying for him, I had noticed he was itching his ears a lot so was adamant the vet check them I was like a over zealous mother when we went into the vets appointment room... “I really think he might have something up with his ears, can you please give them a check” like the poor woman wouldn’t have checked them anyway haha! Apparently they’re super common in kittens and happen more often than they don’t because they have low immune systems. So me and Mark have our first proper parental duty and have to give him ear drops daily and cotton wool his little ears. It’s not something he enjoys but he’s already itching less so it’s obviously doing the trick. He really didn’t enjoy his carry cage on the way home from the vets he had just been jabbed by the eat and fiddled with so who could blame him so he got a nice snuggly ride with me on the way back :-). 

I personally think we’re doing quite well especially considering who we are as people. We both love him so much already Marzuki certainly helps me, I worry for his well being more than my own so I don’t overly analyse things when I feel dodgy or a bit unwell I’m more focused on what Marzuki is doing and how he is and whether he’s alright. I do however fear we’ve just added extra responsibility for Mark which isn’t something we ideally want but I think the benefits of Marzuki hopefully outweigh that addition. 

Luckily getting Marzuki as a kitten as well is great as it means Marks allergies can adjust to him and hopefully won’t be severe. We’ve also got a “Cat Hotel” that we’ll be using for when we go on longer trips which actually probably costs more than our actual hotels we stay in haha!! 

I’ll keep you all updated on Marzuki’s progress as we go. It if you do want more timely updates he has his very own little Instagram @marzukicat for those that are intrigued :-) 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon


Stacie on the road:- "Lakes Getaway..."

Sunday 28th January 2018

So people I'm actually on holiday as I type! "Ooo... Errrr..." "Magic!" I know I'm so 'on' my game LOL. So no t's not magic it's actually just I've brought my macbook with me and thought I could get some writing done whilst we were here as I really haven't sat down and talked in a good long while so this is me doing that and I thought I may as well try and document the holiday whilst I was on it and therefore it will be so much more accurate than any of my previous posts where I've simply just remembered. 

We left on Friday and travelled 6hours, I slept a lot of it and I still maintain I have some kind of narcolepsy because I honestly physically cannot stay awake in cars for long at all, I have tried so hard and it just doesn't happen, I feel so awful for Mark as he then ends up having to drive basically on his own or maybe that's a blessing? He doesn't have to listen to me drone on LOL. We got here though and it's a beautiful little converted barn and SO accessibility friendly, I'm SO impressed;- it's all on one floor, has wide doors, wide corridors, very spacious living and kitchen area, beautiful bedrooms (There are two), the bathroom is really spacious and makes showering me nice and easy as we've brought my shower stall to help :), there's also a log burner which is really lovely. Even from just the couple of days we've been here I totally already recommend it. 

This trip really is a relaxing one for us we don't plan on being massive tourists we really do just need a rest physically and certainly mentally, I'm not sure people quite understand the toll living with a chronic and terminal illness has on a person and certainly the partner of a person. So today we actually ventured out for Sunday lunch to a really cute pub and luckily we have a tiny little village that's a 2 minute drive down the road that has everything we need and it really is just the loveliest little getaway so far. 

Wednesday 31st January 2018

Gosh the weather really has been a tad on the awful side, extremely windy very wet and just generally cold and drizzly which admittedly I haven't minded that much because the place we're staying is so lovely and cosy I don't mind being inside listening to all the goings on outside. The log burner is getting lots of use and Mark seems to have really got the hang of using it, I mean I won't touch the thing we don't need anyone burning a house down now do we? LOL. We have managed to get out to the Lakes though and sent a lovely morning afternoon walking/being pushed around a lake, it was a bit hillier than first thought though so it was tough going for Mark, he did so well though bless him, I was SO impressed. Luckily at the end of our walk there was quite a steep hill and a lovely bunch of people could see how hard Mark must have been finding it at this point after pushing me around for so long and offered to help which was SO lovely of them. 

That's something I find with the country, people generally seem more willing to help when you're in a bit of a jam. Everyone seems really impressed with our off road wheelchair as well people always compliment it and ask how well it does with the terrain and whatnot. I'm quite proud of my little chair she does well with what we throw at her. She did have a minor issue on our way here though she had a bit of a puncture that we were worried about but we managed to find a little bike shop that actually managed to change her tyre there and then for next to nothing which was amazing! 

We also paid a visit to the Beatrix Potter exhibition which I thought was really cool! Unfortunately some of it was shut off due to a bit of refurbishment but that just meant we got a discount so no complaints from me :). It was really cute though seeing all the little animals all around and as a child I was never particularly "in to" Beatrix Potter but I knew of it and my mum had some lovely things from her childhood that she always showed us. I just thought it was a cute little thing to be able to see whilst we are here and omg I could have spent a fortune in their gift shop, I'm such a sucker for cuddly toys and all that type of stuff and they had literally all of the animals and I just wanted them all, but nope I restrained myself and managed to not buy them. They were a tad on the expensive side for the size of them. 

We're still really having a very relaxing time here and the weather is certainly making it much easy to just relax and not do too much, I seem to be catching up on some much needed sleep that I seemed to be lacking. Before coming here my sleep had for some reason become so broken and interrupted and I just wasn't sleeping very much at all and when I don't sleep it really starts to affect me both physically and mentally, I'm not sure why it was so bad but I think maybe I had a bit of anxiety leading up to my Papworth appointment? It's hard to really know but sometimes even if I'm not nervous about something it tends to show itself with my sleep and then poor Mark suffers as well because he's sat up with me at 2/3am making me a cup of tea listening to my rather energetic ramblings. So hopefully Mark's actually catching up on some sleep too lol. 

We'll hopefully get out this evening and again tomorrow for a little jaunt somewhere but so far I'm having a very peaceful time :).  

Thursday 1st February

Pinch Punch first of the month people. It is our last full day and we have been to a lovely pub and had lovely lunch, the people here are so friendly but luckily not in that horrid oppressive way when they don't know when enough is enough. I seem to have taken a liking to this ice-cream they have around here, it's chocolate and has chocolate chips in and I just seem to have taken to it, it's like their brand or something and I just really like it. I've just had THREE scoops, which if you know my eating habits at the moment would be hard to eat usually but nope all gone! :-D 

It has been lovely though and just the most relaxing little getaway which has been lovely I think it's something we've needed, just kind of a time to get away and organise things in our minds and decide what it is we need to get done and what we might do in the coming months, reflect a little. I'm still very cautious about organising things months and months in advance the furthest I have planned is August 25th whereby me and Candice are going to see Britney in concert and admittedly I wouldn't normally have planned that far in advance but sometimes you have to because it's not like I can wait till July and expect there to be tickets still. But I get best sister award for best Birthday present whoop! whoop! lol.  

Ultimately though I feel like we're going to be leaving here tomorrow in a lovely place mentally and when we get back we have plans to implement and sort out, personally I want to work on my legs. If I'm going to be like this for a extended period of time I'd like to try and gain some strength in my legs and hopefully it'll make things a bit easier for me and then maybe I can do a bit more for myself and then that in turn will help Mark and make things easier on him. So that's my personal main aim at the moment and we're planning our next adventure which might take more planning than any of our previous trips but it's potentially the most exciting one yet but that also means there might not be another trip for a little while, whilst we figure that one out and pay for it too haha! 

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon