Hello my beautiful people! So okay I realise it has been sometime since I've blogged, I apologise profusely, you see it's not my fault! A kitten is very time consuming.... in that I just stare at him and lay him all day, it's his fault really :-D Hey I'm here though and I'm doing a blog that I've wanted to do for a very long time and it is my Subscriptions boxes blog!! I'm a great believer in treating oneself, it may sound self indulgent and it kind of is but I think that's okay and certainly mandatory sometimes. 

Personally I have THREE Subscription boxes that I subscribe to, I know, "three?!" I hear you cry well yes three. They are all different and all serve a different purpose but I love each of them equally and they really are like getting special surprise gifts from myself as I don't know what's coming. So here are MY subscription boxes... 


Now Birchbox is my second subscription service I ever purchased, "where's your first?" you ask, well my first was glossy box but i switched to Birchbox just out of preference. Birchbox is a beauty box which sends 5 items monthly which are catered to you and what you need which they figure out from a little survey you take when you sign up. They send make-up, skin care products, bathroom things, makeup tools, all sorts which are lovely items to discover and try out. There are regularly themes to the boxes and they have some really lovely designs of the boxes too as they team up with designers who do some lovely work. I think my favourite part and this is kind of lame is that their boxes are little drawers and because of how beautiful the boxes are i've ket them all and use them as storage!

I absolutely love Birchbox and I think the fact I have been a member for nearly 8 months demonstrates that love. 

£12.95 --> Birchbox


Papergang I have been getting since January and really love it, if you aren't into stationary, this probably isn't one for you but I do and it really provides for my scrapbooking too. March saw them go in a different direction with a tube which i actually quite liked and I really loved the print that came with it. Papergang team up with a different designers/illustrators each month and provide some really unique and quirky bits which also introduce you to some really lovely new designs and designers to get into and buy from. 

£10.95 --> Papergang
Buddy Box

Buddy Box is great! Now Buddy Box stems from a foundation by the name of "The Blurt Foundation" they seem like a lovely foundations who's main aim is to help people through bad times be that with depression, anxiety all that type of stuff and essentially what Buddy Box is, is a hug in box every month. They want to make you happy! It is basically a box of positivity which i love exploring through and they always have a theme, this months being "One Step at a Time" and thy have cute little illustrations to accompany them and everything is just catered to make you smile I think. 

I really advise this one for anyone that really just needs a happy boost or a bit of a self confidence boost. 

£21.50 --> Buddy Box

As always, thank-you for reading and chat soon