Bucket List

- Walk up my street without stopping
- Walk up the stairs without having to stop or stop at the top
- Get changed without having to stop

- Make my bed without having to stop
Have a bath up to my neck
Have a DVD day with Bernice
- Visit Rosie and Sam at their house
Go on a country walk
Go to a beach and actually be able to walk along it
Have a walk in really heavy rain
Wear heels
Try a real cocktail 

Finish my degree


- Have a job

- Get a flat

- Learn how to drive
- Learn how to swim 


- Do lots of things for charity if I can, mainly Organ donation/PH stuff

- Ride the orient express

- Go on a weekend away in THIS country
- Go on a weekend away with Gina, Rosie and Bernice
- Do a London tour [classic tourist stuff]
- Lake District
- Go to Scotland
- Go to Ireland
- Go to Paris [The Louvre, Castle of Versailles, Arc De Triumph, Notre Dame, Champs-Élysées]
- Go to Auschwitz
- Go to Krakrów [Main square, Wawel castle, Wawel]
- Go to Pompeii
- Go to Venice
- Go to Rome
- Eat Gelato
- Go to St Petersburg
- Go to Amsterdam
- Go to New York
- Go to San Francisco

- Hit 1 Year Post Transplant
- Hit 5 years Post Transplant

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